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User's Guide
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User's Guide

The Microcontroller Panel
The Bitfield Data and Code Memory

The Assembly Code Panel
Load and Save Copy and Paste A Few Notes on the AssemblerDebugging Breakpoints

The Peripherals
The Logic Diagram The LED Bank, DAC and the 7-segment Displays The LCD Module The Switch Bank and the ADC The Comparator and the DAC The Motor The UART The Keypad

New Features!
Get the latest EdSim51 version

UART Transmitting HEX Data
Up until now, the external UART only transmitted text - whatever the user typed in the Tx field was transmitted to the8051. Now, a set of 8-bit numbers (written in HEX) can be transmitted. To do so, the user encloses the set in curly braces, each number separated by a comma, as shown in the image opposite. When text is transmitted, it is terminated by 0DH. This is not the case with a set of numbers. In the example shown opposite, the four numbers 56, 3a, 23 and e7 are transmitted, nothing more. If the userwishes to send {56, 3a, 23, e7} as text rather than a set of 8-bit numbers, the text is escaped using the \ character. Therefore, \{56, 3a, 23, e7}in the Tx field would result in {56, 3a, 23, e7} followed by 0DH being transmitted to the 8051.

LCD Module
A simulation of the popular Hitachi HD44780 LCD module has been implemented for the EdSim51 Simulator. The user can toggle between the LED displayand the LCD display by clicking on the blue button above the display. And now CGRAM has also been implemented. Find out more.

For high resolution monitors, click on the zoom button. The zoom button is located below the red Exit button.

Keypad Modes
Now the user can select from three modes of operation: Standard - any number of keys can be closed at the same time. Pulse - once themouse button is released the key reopens. Radio - in radio mode only one key at a time can be closed.

Keypad And External 1 Interrupt
Until now the keypad could only be implemented using busy-waiting. It can still be implemented in that manner, but it can also be used together with the 8051 external 1 interrupt pin, P3.3. Note: this pin, P3.3, is also used by the display-select decoder, thereforemultiplexing of the 7-segment displays cannot be implemented together with the keypad interrupt. To multiplex the displays and use the keypad at the same time, the keypad must be implemented using busy waiting. More information on the keypad modes and the keypad interrupt

Intel HEX Reader/Writer
You can now save your source code in Intel HEX format. Or you can write C code for the 8051 usingone of many available 8051 C compilers, then import the HEX code into the EdSim51 Simulator. Find out more.

External UART Baud Rate Selector
Originally the external UART's Baud rate was set at 62,500. Now the user can choose from a list of Baud rates. This allows the student to experiment with different Baud rates and to learn how the 8051's serial port, Timer 1 and the SMOD bit are usedtogether to generate the required Baud rate (for more information on the 8051 serial port, see our Beginner's Guide to the 8051 Serial Port).

The default Baud rate is 19200. The user can select from a list of standard Baud rates, as shown above. Read more on the UART

Simulator Window Update
As with many microcontroller simulators, EdSim51 allows the user to either step through a program,executing a single instruction per step, or to run the program continuously. In the original EdSim51 design, when running a program, the simulator would execute one instruction, update the screen, pause for a quarter second, then proceed with the next instruction and so on. This allowed the programmer to observe changes in the hardware and registers for each executed instruction. However, while this is...
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