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Wedding DIY: How To Make Paper Flowers Type 4 thebitchybride

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Wedding DIY: How To Make Paper Flowers Type 4

Oh, you lucky things! I had rather a productive weekend, so here s another way to make paper blooms. I found about 4 million tutorials for making this flower, but kept getting stuck on one of the folds. Finally, I was hanging out with the kid I mentor for a local charity and she showed me how dense I was being. These are now one of my favourite designs, and this is how you make them:

Take a square.

Fold it along the diagonal.

Now fold the right corner to meet the top corner.




Wedding DIY: How To Make Paper Flowers Type 4 thebitchybride

Do the same for the left. You should have a nice little diamond shape.

Take the right flap and fold it back in half, lining the edge of the flap up with the edge of the diamond.

Do the same for the left.

This is the bit that confused me. Now you need to poke your finger inside the flap to open in out and squash it down:

Do the same for the other side.




Wedding DIY: How To Make Paper Flowers Type 4 thebitchybride

Next, fold down the corners.

And fold the flaps in half.

Add some glue.

And press together to make a petal. Repeat four more times and with a little more glue you ll have:

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