Finalists of the electrolux design lab 2010

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Finalists of the Electrolux Design Lab 2010

Electrolux Design Lab 2010 Eight Finalists ( 54MB ) At 100% Design on September 23, Electrolux paints a super-urbanised future London where your fridge is hung outside your window to save space and energy,and where your laundry basket and washing machine are combined together in a compact wall-mounted space-saving steam dispensing capsule. The futuristic appliances are finalists in the renowned Electrolux Design Lab 2010 annual design competition which is now in its 7th year. Industrial design students from all over the world were challenged to come up with washing, cooking and cooling solutions forthe compact homes of 2050. "As cities and towns become more heavily populated, people need to find solutions that make their living space more efficient, yet comfortable and social", commented Henrik Otto, SVP Global Design at Electrolux. 1   

"At Electrolux we are already meeting the urbanisation and compact living challenge by developing appliances that are safe for consumers and for theenvironment - now and for future generations. This means firstly shifting to more energy and waterefficient products; secondly improving everyday life through better food hygiene and less waste; and thirdly by designing products for recycling that are free from hazardous materials. Electrolux Design Lab finalists concepts take this a few stages further and using existing knowledge of trends andlikely advancements in technology and materials, they predict how we might be cooling, cooking and washing our dishes and clothes in 2050, where the 'boxing ring' size home is more the norm than the exception". Eight finalists were picked from 1,300+ entries:

Bio Robot Refrigerator, Yuriy Dmitriev, Russia - Cool, Green, Food Four times smaller than a conventional refrigerator, the Bio Robot coolsbiopolymer gel through luminescence. Rather than shelves, the non sticky, odourless gel morphs around products to create a separate pod that suspends items for easy access. Without doors, draws and a motor 90% of the appliance is solely given over to its intended purpose. At the same time, all food, drink and cooled products are readily available, odours are contained, and items are keptindividually at their optimal temperature by bio robots. The fridge is adaptable - it can be hung vertically, horizontally, and even on the ceiling. Different sizes and dimensions allow it to perfectly fit the accordant dwelling 2   

Elements Modular Kitchen, Matthew Gilbride, USA - All-In-One Kitchen Mathew Gilbride's modular, wall-mounted appliance provides flexible modes of cooking, refrigeration, airconditioning, lighting, and environmental design whilst reducing space. The appliance draws power wirelessly through technology applied to the wall, which is supplemented through solar energy as required. Multiple units and surfaces automatically work together through wireless smart networking, whilst customisation is offered by being able to install the units as the user prefers.

3    Clean Closet, Michael Edenius, Sweden - All in One Laundry Concept The Clean Closet is essentially just that - a closet that cleans clothing. Textiles are scanned for impurities and cleaned accordingly with molecular technology that removes dirt and odours. The concept replaces the laundry basket, the wash¬ing machine, and drying cabinet to save space and, as no water is used in the process, iskinder to the environment.


Dismount Washer, Lichen Guo, China - Wash & Go Laundry Lichen Guo identifies the conventional washing machine as an unnecessary occupier of space. The Dismount Washer addresses this by combining the cleaning vessel and laundry basket in one. The dirty laundry capsule is placed on a wall mountable motor (or 'energy stick') which takes up very little space. The...
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