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Part 1: The One Thing that Changes Everything
Nothing is as Fast as the Speed of Leadership
- The number one job of any leader is to inspire trust
- Trust always affects two outcomes-speed and cost. When trust is low, speed goes down and cost goes up. When trust is high, speed goes up and cost goes down
- Trust is a function of both character and competence
- When you build trust with one,you build trust with many
You Can Do Something About This
- Trust is one of the most powerful forms of motivation and inspiration. People want to be trusted
- Trust is a function of two things: character and competence
- Covey identifies five waves of trust:
1. Self trust: the key principle underlying this wave is credibility (four cores of credibility)
2. Relationship trust: the keyprinciple is consistent behavior (13 trust building behaviors)
3. Organizational trust (inside the organization): the key principle is alignment (creating structures, systems, and symbols of organizational trust)
4. Market trust (outside the organization): the underlying principle is reputation (your organizational brand)
5. Societal trust: the key principle is contribution
Part 2: The FirstWave-Self Trust (Credibility)
The Four Cores of Credibility
- Leaders need to be able to inspire trust and confidence in others
- Trust is about credibility. Credibility boils down into four issues: your integrity, your intent, your capabilities, and your results
Core 1: Integrity (Are you congruent?)
- Integrity includes honesty (telling the truth and leaving the right impression), congruence(walking your talk), humility, and the courage to do what is right
- The most massive violations of trust are violations of integrity
- How to increase your integrity:
1. Make and keep commitments to yourself
2. Stand for something
3. Be open
Core 2: Intent (What’s your agenda?)
- Intent is about motive, agenda, and behavior
- Motive is your reason for doing something. The motive thatinspires the greatest trust is genuine caring
- Agenda grows out of motive. It’s what you intend to do or promote because of your motive. The agenda that generally inspires the greatest trust is seeking mutual benefit (you want others to win)
- Behavior is the manifestation of motive and agenda. The behavior that best creates credibility and inspires trust is acting in the best interest of others- When we believe people truly are acting in our best interest, we tend to trust them
- How to improve intent:
1. Examine and refine your motives
2. Declare your intent-this “signals your behavior”-it lets people know what to look for so that they can recognize, understand, and acknowledge it when they see it
3. Choose abundance (win-win)
Core 3: Capabilities (Are you relevant?)
-Capabilities are the talents, skills, knowledge, capacities, and abilities we have that enable us to perform with excellence
- One way to accelerate the rate of learning, both individually and organizationally, is to learn with the intent to teach others what you learn (you learn most when you teach)
- How to increase your capabilities:
1. Run with your strengths (and with your purpose)-identify yourstrengths and then focus on engaging, developing, and leveraging what’s distinctly yours
2. Keep yourself relevant-engage in lifelong learning
3. Know where you’re going-at the end of the day, people follow those who know where they’re going
Core 4: Results (What’s your track record?)
- How to improve your results:
1. Take responsibility for results (focus on results, not activities)
2.Expect to win-we tend to get what we expect, both from ourselves and from others. When we expect more, we tend to get more; when we expect less, we tend to get less
3. Finish strong-results are all about finishing strong
Part 3: The Second Wave-Relationship Trust (Consistent Behavior)
The 13 Behaviors
- For the most part, the difference between those who change behavior and those who...
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