Fabulous fables

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Fabulous Fables – The Roach and the Rat....

By: Millor Fernandes

There was one of those white and disgusting roaches which loved filthiness and mess, eating its snack slowly consisting of pieces of a rotten potato. Later, plague-transmitting rat came along to her and said:
“Hey Sister, yesterday I had an extraordinary adventure. I was in a really awesome place like you’ll never ever find one in your whole life, sis.” The roach eating…
The place was so grand that took my breath away. So scary and different from all I’ve ever seen in my life so far as a rodent.” Said the rat. The roach eating…
“Just Imagine, continued the rat, I found this place by chance. Going through the underground galleries where I use to go for a walk, and going here and there between the houses when I suddenly notice an unexplored gallery by me. Then, I went through it - a little bit nervous - without knowing where exactly it would be gonna end, when I saw it for the first time - an unbelievable kitchen! The floor perfectly cleaned. The mirrors with such a shine that blinds! The sauce pans, as polished as you have no idea! The stove, sparkling clean! The walls, with no spots on them! The ceiling, of course, as white as if just painted! The cupboards organized and with such a perfume! There was no dust, dampness or garbage anywhere.”… When the Roach lost its patience, she covered her mouth and in a spam, she protested: What annoyance, what a horror! You always tell this kind of history when I’m grabbing my meal! Moral: For a virus, penicillin is an


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