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Principles and Practice of Expressive Arts Therapy

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Foundations of Expressive Arts Therapy
Theoretical and Clinical Perspectives
ISBN 1 85302 463 5

Edited by Stephen K. Levine and Ellen G. Levine Poiesis

The Language of Psychology and the Speech of the Soul

Stephen K. Levine Foreword by Paolo Knill
ISBN 1 85302 488 0

The Healing Flow: Artistic Expressionin Therapy Martina Schnetz Foreword by V. Darroch-Lozowski Foreword by David C. Wright
ISBN 1 84310 205 6

Creative Arts and the Process of Healing: An Image/Word Approach Inquiry

Art-Based Research Shaun McNiff
ISBN 1 85302 621 2 pb ISBN 1 85302 620 hb

The Expressive Body in Life, Art and Therapy
Working with Movement, Metaphor and Meaning

Daria Halprin Foreword by Jack S. WellerISBN 1 84310 737 6

Principles and Practice of Expressive Arts Therapy
Toward a Therapeutic Aesthetics
Paolo J. Knill Ellen G. Levine Stephen K. Levine

Jessica Kingsley Publishers London and Philadelphia

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Library of Congress Cataloging in Publication Data Knill, Paolo J. Principles and practice of expressive arts therapy : towards a therapeuticaesthetics / Paolo J. Knill, Ellen G. Levine and Stephen K. Levine.-- 1st American pbk. ed. p. cm. Includes bibliographical references and index. ISBN 1-84310-039-8 (pbk.) 1. Arts--Therapeutic use. 2. Creation (Literary, artistic, etc.)--Therapeutic use. 3. Art therapy--Philosophy. I. Levine, Ellen G. II. Levine, Stephen K. III. Title. RC489.A72K557 2005 616.89'1656--dc22 2004011544 British LibraryCataloguing in Publication Data A CIP catalogue record for this book is available from the British Library ISBN-13: 978 184310 039 3 ISBN-10: 1 84310 039 8 ISBN pdf eBook: 1 84642 032 6 Printed and Bound in Great Britain by Athenaeum Press, Gateshead, Tyne and Wear

Introduction 1. 9

Stephen K. Levine

Stephen K. Levine Introduction Therapeutic practice and the critique of modernismModernity and the mind–body split Phenomenology and the overcoming of Cartesian dualism Phenomenology and existence: being-in-the-world World and earth: art as a setting-into-work of truth Poiesis as a basis for the Menschenbild of expressive arts therapy Poiesis, chaos and liminal experience Liminality in the therapeutic process Liminality and transitional experience Archetypal psychology and theimagination Post-modernism and a deconstructed psychology of the imagination Trauma and the work of art Aesthetics after Auschwitz Conclusion References

The Philosophy of Expressive Arts Therapy: Poiesis as a Response to the World

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Paolo J. Knill

Foundations for a Theory of Practice


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