Exercises of verbs

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Complete the following sentences with the correct tense of verbs:

1- Smith always ______________________ (come) to class on time.
2- Mr. Jones _________________ (teach) us atpresent. He ___________________ (substitute) for Mr. Reese who is our regular teacher.
3- I ___________________________ (work) in my garden when you called me last night.
4- We_________________________ (have) our examinations next week.
5- I ___________________________ (come) to work on the bus this morning.
6- Ask I _______________________ (come) to work this morning, I_____________ (meet) a beggar who ________________ (ask) me for some money.
7- I ______________________________ (be) to Rio city several times.
8- Listen! I think the telephone_______________________________ (ring)
9- John said that he _________________________________ (see) that movie before.
10- I _______________________________ (read) that novel three or four times.
11- Your telegram___________________ (come) just as I ______________________ (leave) my house.
12- The sun ________________________ (shine) brightly when I got up this morning.
13- Our class _________________(begin) every morning at 7:30 and _____________ 11:45.
14- We occasionally __________________ (go) to the movies on Sunday.
15- Listen! Someone __________________ (knock) at the door.
16- Up tonow, nothing ______________________ (hear) from the lost aviators.
17- John, who is now studying in fourth grade, _______________________ (study) English for three years.
18- Mary______________________ (study) French for a few months last year.
19- My brother ___________________ (come) to visit me next week.
20- At seven o’clock, when you telephoned me, I _____________________ (study)my lesson.

Teacher Juarez A Coelho

Complete the following sentences with the correct tense of verbs:

21- Smith always ________________ (come) to class on time.
22- Mr. Jones...
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