Evolución de comorbilidades metabólicas asociadas a obesidad después de cirugía bariátrica

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Rev Méd Chile 2005; 133: 511-516



Evolución de comorbilidades metabólicas asociadas a obesidad después de cirugía bariátrica
Karin Papapietro V, Emma Díaz Ga,Attila Csendes J, Juan Carlos Díaz J, Italo Braghetto M, Patricio Burdiles P, Fernando Maluenda G, Jorge Rojas C.

Effects of gastric bypass on weight, blood glucose, serum lipid levels and arterialblood pressure in obese patients
Background: Type 2 diabetes, hypertension and serum lipid abnormalities are common among obese people and they should improve with weight reduction. Aim: To study theoutcome of these abnormalities after bariatric surgery in morbid obesity patients. Material and methods: Two hundred thirty two morbid obese patients subjected to gastric bypass, were evaluated in thepreoperative period and every three months after surgery, during a minimum of 12 months. Clinical evolution, blood glucose, serum insulin, insulin resistance measured with the homeostasis modelassessment (HOMA) and serum lipid levels were analyzed. Results: In the preoperative period, 17% had type 2 diabetes, 49% had abnormal serum lipid levels and 25% had high blood pressure. Sixty six percenthad at least one of these abnormalities and 20% had more than one. During follow up, body mass index decreased from 44 to 29.3 kg/m2. Total and HDL cholesterol, blood glucose and insulin resistancesignificantly decreased from the third month after surgery. Diabetes disappeared in 97% of diabetic subjects, blood pressure normalized in 53% of subjects with hypertension and serum lipid levels returnedto normal in 88% of subjects with dyslipidemia. Conclusions: Gastric bypass in morbid obese patients achieves a significant and important weight reduction that results in significant reductions inthe frequency of diabetes, dyslipidemia and hypertension among operated obese subjects (Rev Méd Chile 2005; 133: 511-6). (Key Words: Diabetes Mellitus, type 2; Gastric bypass; Obesity, morbid)...
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