Europe crisis

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Financial System debates end de IMF and World Bank´s annual conference in Tokyo

Discuss the management Issues:

The main discussion is in regard to the Eurozone, thatthey need to speed up its actions to interrupt the crisis without stifling the growth. Lagarde warned that many financial systems still depends on few measures of big institutions and that althoughthe actions (FED, Euro Central Bank and Japan´s Bank) are on the right way, they need to be followed by fiscal and structural policies. The emergent economies were also discussed. The meeting endedwith very few new tangible compromises towards ending the crises.

Opinion or propose a solution:

If the greatest economic minds alive still disagree in between themselves and cannot propose asolution that is good and solid to the majority of the countries, I will not be presumptuous and try to give one, however my opinion on the topic is that there are many conflicting interests that needsto be preserved while trying to find a solution and for that matter I doubt any achievement will be accomplished as one.
As an example, while the world major powers are taking their internal interestrates to the lowest rates ever in order to push their economy forward, they do it regardless of how that can impact the emergent countries that still have a big interest like Brazil.
It is commonsense, and I am not criticizing communism or socialism, that no one likes to sacrifice themselves for the benefit of others, that been said, regarding to the Eurozone, countries Like Greece and Spain,even Italy cannot expect to continue to be fund by the hard working people from Germany as an example. They need to get their finance in order as fast as possible, stop spending money as if they...
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