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Use the WHQL Submission Readme form to document testing exceptions included in any First-time, Update, Retest, or Reseller Microsoft® Windows® logo for hardware submission and to document any additional information that is required for your submission type or requested by WHQL. Do not include any other type of readme file in your submission package.

Effective May 1, 2002, you must complete a WHQL Submission Readme form for every hardware submission that includes any of the following testing exceptions:

• Test failures • Tests not run • Missing test logs • Inconclusive test results

All testing exceptions must be identified with a valid Errata ID, Incident ID, or Contingency ID provided by WHQL. Each submission that includes testing exceptions must include a unique Readme document that is specific to that submission only. Include the completed form in your test submission upload package.

Caution WHQL will fail any test submission that includes testing exceptions if the submission package does not also include a Readme form. WHQL will also fail any test submission that includes an incorrect or generalized Readme form. As with all failed test submissions, WHQL will not digitally sign any driver catalog file included in the failed test submission and will assess the appropriate processing fee for the submission type.

Section 1: Submission Information

Please provide the following information for your submission package.

|Company name: |SAMSUNG Electronics Co., Ltd. |
|Product name: |ZX20 |
|Unique Hardware ID |VID_04E8&PID_6601 |
|(for example, PnP or PID-VID, if |


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