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Championship Manager 03/04
README file 09/10/2003 Version 4.1.0


Part 1: Things You Should Know

1.1 DirectX

Championship Manager 03/04 will run without DirectX but you will not have any sound. CM does not use DirectX to display the screen. If you have any sound problems checkyour direct sound setup.

1.2 Memory and Performance

While the game will run fine in 64 Mb of RAM, we suggest you upgrade to at least 128 Mb (or higher) to enhance your playing experience.

Regardless of how much memory you have, you can maximize your available memory and increase the overall performance of the game engine by doing the following:

q Closing any open windows
q Shuttingdown all other programs, including menu-bar programs like ICQ
q Defragmenting your hard drive

Eidos recommends that you have no other programs running at all while playing Championship Manager 03/04. Other programs, including virus checkers, system utilities and screen savers can cause system degradation when playing games software and may conflict with the game for system resources, potentiallyresulting in instability and crashes.

If you are running the game upon a low specification machine, it is recommended that you limit yourself to a single active league and run that league as a low detail league for best performance.

You can turn any league to low detail by deselecting the ‘full detail’ column of a league in the Select League screen.

1.4 Keyboard Shortcuts

[GLOBAL]alt + next screen
pg up previous screen
pg dn next screen
space continue game / read unread news (when on news screen)
ctl+c copy
ctl+v paste
ctl+x cut
ctl+z undo
ctl+sh+z redo (mac standard)
ctl+y redo
ctl+a select all
sh+insert paste
ctl+insert copy
sh+delete cut
ctl+q quit
ctl+s save
ctl+sh+s save as
TAB advance selection tonext edit box

ctl+f fullscreen
alt+return fullscreen
F1 your squad
F2 your staff
F3 your finances
F4 your fixtures
F5 your transfers
F6 news
F7 default competition that you are in
F8 player/staff search
F9 manager chat
F10 game status
F11 training


up/down next/prevmessage


return default button
esc cancel


return choose selected item
esc cancel
up move selection up
down move selection down
pg up/dn move selection by page
home move selection to first item
end move selection to last item
1.5 Known Issues

q If you have any type of VIA chipset we suggest that you download the latest drivers from This will fix a problem on certain machines that may cause the game to become unstable or crash at regular intervals.
q You require FULL administrator rights to install/Play Championship Manager 03/04
q If you are unable to install game under Windows 98 then run “instmsia.exe” (located in root of CD) to update your installer. Or “instmsiw.exe” if running Windows XP.

SportsInteractive Ltd and Eidos are committed to providing customer support for our games on a continuing basis. In that spirit, there may be a patch for Championship Manager 03/04 forthcoming; visit the Eidos website for more information.

Part 2: Technical Issues

2.1 Installation & Set-up

System Requirements

The minimum system requirements are as follows:

COMPUTER:IBM PC or 100% compatible
Microsoft Windows 98 Second Edition/Windows XP
PIII 600
64Mb for one league and small database – 128Mb on Windows XP
100% DirectX 8.1compatible Sound Card
Quad-speed (4x) CD-ROM drive
1024x768 16bit colour display required
300 Mb free disk space
100% Windows...
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