Enzimas e metabolismo celular

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My name and José Raul Nuvunga, 22 years old, my dream, is to can this year to transit from 11st to 12nd Class for next year to end, and soon later to compete for the university. At present I am acarpenter, but my true dream from the adolescence was always of graduating in translation of the Portuguese language for English language and vice-versa. This dream results of the perception that theEnglish language helps us a lot. The English language is a language globally spoken, for that reason when we communicated in English language, we communicated with the world with easiness, this becausewe noticed the languages used in the computers, in the automobiles, in the books, in the soap operas and in several machines.
She to get to enter in the University and to end, my plan is to create aninstitution where will render translation services and interpretation of works and events, not only, but also as interpreter and translator, it would like one day to have the opportunity to giveclasses of English, to help the other ones and communicating without problems. And once he/she dreams he/she doesn't have limits, he/she would like after could make the master's degree, PHD and samedoutoramento in interpretation and translation of the English and Portuguese languages.
On the other hand, to found a School of teaching of English language, it is one of the great dreams that have.Interpreter's profession, is an area that has been winning I globally space, with the expansion of the English language for the world, and it has also been winning space in the national territory. Butalso with the fenómeno of the globalização, all countries should be open and prepared for us to have capacity to attract investors, that a lot of times come from countries of English language more andmore.
Therefore, there it is where it resides the importance of the interpretation professionals' formation and translation in the area.
It can be said that in the days that run to have...
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