Environmental management learning module questions

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Environmental Management Learning Module Questions
Environmental Management Chapter 1: Introduction to Environmental Management 1. Question: Define environmental management. 2. Question: List 5 tools and techniques that can be used for environmental management. 3. Question: Describe the four types of value provided by the natural environment. 4. Question: Describe the four main types of natural resources, and explain the significance of environmental management for each type. 5. Question: Identify and describe the main barriers to environmental management. 6. Question: Describe the importance of environmental management for Nile basin countries. Environmental Management Chapter 2: Tools and Techniques for Environmental Management 7. Question: Define importance. National Environmental Accounts and identify their

8. Question: What are multilateral environmental agreements and what are the responsibilities within these agreements? 9. Question: What is an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)? 10. Question: What is a Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA)? 11. Question: What are Environmental standards and why are they important in the context of EIA? 12. Question: What are examples of National Environmental Plans? 13. Question: Identify at least 3 objectives of public participation and stakeholder involvement in environmental management? Environmental Management Chapter 3: Information and Knowledge for Environmental Management 14. Question: Explain the importance environmental management. of information and knowledge for

15. Question: What is environmental monitoring?

16. Question: Describe two types of environmental monitoring, and the requirements common to each. 17. Question: Describe how Earth Observation and GIS technologies can assist environmental management programs. 18. Question: Define and describe the importance of State of the Environment reporting. Environmental Management Chapter 4: Environmental Threats and Options 19. Question: Describe at


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