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1 Hello, How Are You?
A Before you watch
Match the questions with the answers. Then watch the video to check.

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1 How are you today? 2 Is this your registration form? 3What’s your last name? 4 Are you from Boston?

a I’m from New Jersey. b It’s Porter. P-O-R-T-E-R. c Good. Thank you. d Yes, it is.

B While you watch
Watch the video. Circle True or False for eachsentence.
1 Terence is a new student. 2 He isn’t a Business Administration student. 3 Margaret is a student at State College. 4 Angela isn’t a new student. 5 Angela is 23 years old. 6 Terence is 18years old. True True True True True True False False False False False False

C After you watch
1 Complete the questions you ask when you first meet someone.
1 What’s 2 How old 3 name? you? are youfrom?

2 Work in pairs. Ask and answer the questions.

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1 Hello, How Are You?
3 Work in new pairs. Do the role-play.Student A: You are an old student at your school. Say hello to a new student. 1 Hi! Are you a new student? 2 My name is 3 Nice to meet you, (Say your partner’s name.) 4 Are you from around here? 5 I’mfrom you? 6 Well, welcome to (Say the name of your school.) 7 How about some coffee? . How old are . . Student B: You are a new student at your school. Say hello to an old student. 1 Hi! Yes, I am. 2I’m 3 Nice to meet you, too. .

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4 No, I’m from about you? 5 I’m

. How years old.


6 Thank you, (Say your partner’s name.) 7 Sure!


D Language points
Work in pairs.Complete the conversation with words from the box. Then practice the conversation.
busy Cool Excuse grab

Angela: What are you up to right now? Terence:


Angela: Are you 2 Terence: Now?No, not really. Angela: Well, come on! Let’s 3 coffee.


Terence: 4


E Your viewpoint
What do you ask when you meet someone for the first time in your country? What don’t you ask? Choose...
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