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# 1 Review Exercise
Leia atentamente as orações abaixo. Sublinhe os verbos e identifique o tempo verbal. Em seguida circuleos pronomes e classifique-os.
1. Our personnel department manager will travel to São Paulo to attend a conference on Human Resources.
2.We use the computer to store information.
3. He travels every year to inspect the branches which the company opened abroad.
4. Close thewindow, please. It is cold in here.
5. She closes the window when she feels cold.
6. She will close the window because she feels cold,
7. Sheclosed the window because she felt cold.
8. I know a person who can help you to solve this problem. I will talk to him about it.
9. Thestudents solved their problem by themselves. The professor refused to interfere.
10. Tell them to finish the report today. I need it for themeeting with our partners.
11. The economical crisis will affect their business seriously.
12. Their printer is out of order. Thetechnician said that he will fix it today.
13. I asked her to e-mail me her report.
14. I like the car that you bought. I think that it is veryversatile.
15. The equipment will disconnect itself if you program it to do so.
16. Robert lives by himself. He cooks for himself and alsocleans his apartment himself.
17. Send me the money urgently. I need to pay my bills.
18. We buy our office supply on the internet.
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