English test

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-Choose the correct alternative for the sentences below:

1- Floppies are very cheap BUT they are slow and have a limited capacity.
a-firstly b-meanwhile (X) c-but
2- Joysticks ARE used in computer games.
a-is (X) b-are c-can
3- A: What is she studying right now?
B: She studies InformationTechnology.
(X)a-What is she studying right now? b-What does she study? c-Where does she study?
4- A motherboard is a printed circuit board which controls all the other boards in a computer.
(X)a- which b- how c- what
5- He is a database expert so usually he DOES anything on databases and I GET(get) the interfaces.
a- do/ get b- does/gets (X) c- does/get
6- Many e-commerce Web sites USES encrypted information for security reason.

a-using (X) b- uses c- use

7- This personal Web site DOESN’T encrypted information.

(X) a- doesn’t need b- don’t need c-not need

8- I DON’T LIKE to edit Java and JavaScript.

a- not like b- doesn’t c-don’t like

9-John and Laura ADDS interest and excitement to their Web pages with the help of graphics.

a-add b- doesn’t add (X)c-adds

10-___DOES________Sally and Sarah ____HAVE__________ a hosting provider for my Web site?

(X)a- Does/haveb-Do/has c- Do/have

11- ARPA was demonstrate the viability of packet switching for computer-to computer communication.

a- demonstrated b-demonstrating (X) c- was demonstrate

12- Apple WAS founded in 1976 and found success quickly with the invention of the Apple I personal computer (PC).

a- is b- wasc- were

13- It ____SEEMED______ likely that at least three or four distinct computer networks would exist by the mid-1970s.

a-seem b-don’t seem (X) c- seemed

14- The internetwork architecture _____WAS______ based on a protocol known as TCP/IP.

(X) a- was b- didn’t wasc- not was

15- The period from 1974 to 1978 _____DID SEE_______ new versions of the TCP/IP protocol.

(X)a- did see b- didn’t saw c-saw

16- Version number four didn’t _______BECAME________standardized.

a- become (X) b- became c-did became
17- Apple _____ offers ____anapplication called Boot Camp that ____ lets _____you run Windows on your Mac.
a- offer/let b-offered/don’t let (X) c- offers/lets
18- Many decisions ___________ was ________ settled or relegated to a position of much less significance.

a-will be b-is (X) c- was

19-Web design will ______declines __________in prominence and opportunity.

a-declined (X) b- declines c- decline

20-The gap between the interface and application side __ will _________continually grow.

a- did (X) b- will c- -----

21-New programming languages will appearssoon.

(X) a- will appears b-will appeared c-will appear

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