English test - 9º ano

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English Test

PART 1 - Listening:

1) Listen to Jennifer’s statement and then chose the best alternative to complete the sentence below:

A) Jennifer feels sad and depressed because…

( ) of her stressful daily routine.
( ) tomorrow she has a Geography test after the Math class
( ) she had to do her Spanish homework in the car when she was going to her ballet class.

B) In the afternoon she…

( ) argued with her mother
( ) had ballet and Spanish classes as well as tennis practice.
( ) listened to music in her bedroom

C) Before Jennifer goes to bed she still has to…

( ) do her Geography homework
( ) write in her diary
( ) do her Math homework and then study for a test.

D) She tried to talk to her mom about her stressful routine, but….

( ) her mother was not home
( ) her mother thinks Jennifer needs all these activities.
( ) her mom didn’t pay attention because she was using the computer.


PART 2 - Reading
How stressful is your life?

Do you get stressed out? Are you confused about what’s really important in your life? Don’t worry. You are not alone!
In the past, teenagers used to have classes in one period and sometimes an extra activity in the other. Nowadays things are completely different. Some teens have their agendas as full as adults do. They leave home in the morning and when they come back late in the afternoon, after a lot of different activities, they still have to study, do homework and sometimes even help with the household chores. Busy schedules can make anyone feel stressed.
Parents, on the other hand, usually think that the more activities and classes they offer their kids, the better it will be for them in the future.
This reflects on parents’ and teens’ relationship. Teens and parents don’t have time to simply sit at dinner time and enjoy a nice conversation. When they get home they’re so tired that the only


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