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Card 1_01 Expressions
Card 1_02 Expressions
Card 1_03 Continuous and Perfect Forms
Card 1_04 Multiple Meanings of Lift
Card 1_05 Vocabulary
Card 1_06 Stance Markers
Card 1_07 Subjunctive
Card 1_08 Present Perfect – Time Expressions
Card 1_09 Time Expressions
Card 1_10 Time Expressions
Card 1_11 Present Perfect – Time Expressions
Card 1_12 TimeExpressions
Card 1_13 Perfect Tenses
Card 1_14 The Present Perfect Simple and Progressive
Card 1_15 Simple Past, Past Perfect Simple and Progressive
Card 1_16 Future Perfect
Card 2_01 Articles
Card 2_02 Articles
Card 2_03 Articles
Card 2_04 Articles
Card 2_05 Articles
Card 3_01 Annoyance Idioms
Card 4_01 Modals
Card 4_02 Modals
Card 4_03 Modals
Card 4_04 Modals
Card 4_05 Phrasal VerbsCard 4_06 Phrasal Verbs

MASTER 3 – Card 1_01
Complete the sentences with one or more of the expressions in the box, making
adaptations when necessary.

1. Women seem to be more prone to a chocolate addiction, so it doesn’t come as a shock to see that they tend _________________ by the chocolate industry.
2. The cigarette consumer image has changedover the years. From being symbol of _________________ for women who smoked in public, to being chic and sexy, cigarette smokers around the globe are now regarded as addicts.
3. Whether it’s coffee, chocolate, alcohol or drugs, people get hooked on substances that _________________.
4. Although cigarette sales _________________ when the knowledge of the health problems they caused became public,nowadays sales have _________________ and the fear of decrease demand has given way to the safety of knowing most smokers won’t or can’t let go.
5. Long time smokers have a hard time _________________ after doing simple activities, such as a short walk or climbing up stairs. to give you a lift - to plummet - to be targeted loose morals - to get one’s wind - to level off

MASTER 3 –Card 1_01
1. to be targeted
2. loose morals
3. give them a “lift”
4. plummeted / leveled off
5. getting their wind

MASTER 3 – Card 1_02
Choose the sentence in which the word in bold is used with the selected meaning.

1. go down – be accepted
a. “Bush willgo down in history as possibly a person who has doomed the planet.”
(James Inhofe in Climate Progress)
b. Sensationalist stories in newspapers and magazines go down as the only existing truth
to many readers.
c. Gas prices went down, as predicted.
2. Hail – to approve enthusiastically
a. The doorman was able to do in two seconds what I had been trying to do for the last ten minutes: hail acab.
b. After strong hail this night, much damage is being uncovered.
c. Many in Germany hailed Hitler as their savior.
3. flout – break/ disobey
a. Are all of you done with the flouting and mocking?
b. “Yea, dost thou jeer and flout me in the teeth?” (The comedy of Errors, Shakespeare)
c. Soon after he began to flout his curfew, he was expelled.
4. reek – smell bad
a. The apartment reekedof a mixture of old booze, rotten food and cigarettes.
b. The Scottish say it best when they greet the New Year with a nice loud: “Lang may
yer lum reek!” (Long may your chimney smoke.)
c. The whole dreadful book reeked of self deception combined with poor writing.

MASTER 3 – Card 1_02
1. b
2. c
3. c
4. aMASTER 3 – Card 1_03
Read the Gossip Column bellow and fill in the blanks with the correct forms of the
verbs in parentheses.

Nadya Suleman, now known as “Octomom” 1._________________________(recently /shock) the world not exactly by 2.______________________(give birth) to octuplets, but by, allegedly,...
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