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Lista de Exercícios de termodinâmica 1. An escalator brings four people of total 300 kg, 25 m up in a building. Explain what happens with respect to energy transfer and stored e energy. 2. A steel cylinder of mass 2 kg contains 4 L of liquid water at 25oC at 200 kPa. Find the total mass and volume of the system. List two extensive and three intensive properties of the water. 3. An apple “weighs” 80 g and has a volume of 100 cm3 in a refrigerator at 8oC. What is the apple density? List three intensive and two extensive properties of the apple. 4. One kilopond (1 kp) is the weight of 1 kg in the standard gravitational field. How many Newtons (N) is that? 5. A pressurized steel bottle is charged with 5 kg of oxygen gas and 7 kg of nitrogen gas. How many kmoles are in the bottle? 6. A force of 125 N is applied to a mass of 12 kg in addition to the standard gravitation. If the direction of the force is vertical up find the acceleration of the mass. 7. A car drives at 60 km/h and is brought to a full stop with constant deceleration in 5 seconds. If the total car and driver mass is 1075 kg find the necessary force. 8. A 15 kg steel container has 1.75 kilomoles of liquid propane inside. A force of 2 kN now accelerates this system. What is the acceleration? 9. A tank has two rooms separated by a membrane. Room A has 1 kg air and volume 0.5 m3, room B has 0.75 m3 air with density 0.8 kg/m3. The membrane is broken and the air comes to a uniform state. Find the final density of the air. 10. One kilogram of diatomic oxygen (O2 molecular weight 32) is contained in a 500-L tank. Find the specific volume on both a mass and mole basis (v and v). 11. A hydraulic lift has a maximum fluid pressure of 500 kPa. What should the piston-cylinder diameter be so it can lift a mass of 850 kg? 12. What is the pressure at the bottom of a 5 m tall column of fluid with atmospheric pressure 101 kPa on the top surface if the fluid is a) water at


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