Education for health and first aid

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Education for health and first aid

Written by: Luis Ferreira
Oradea 1 of December 2010

Hemorrhage: Bleeding is the leakage of blood outside the blood vessels. We
distinguish three main types:
 External bleeding: blood comes out of the body through a wound.
 Internal bleeding: no blood comes out.
 Exteriorized hemorrhage: the blood comes out through natural.

External bleeding may be of three types and in each case the first aid measures that
we must take are different:

Capillary bleeding: Blood flows slowly (savanna) in moderation and is
bright red. Bleeding is minor and in most cases, stops alone.

Venous bleeding: Blood flowing in a steady stream, is dark red, with
greater intensity than in the previous case. This type ofbleeding must be
stopped by compression.

Arterial bleeding: Blood flows in a stream energetic and pulsating, with
bright red coloration. This type of bleeding is severe and may endanger the
life of the victim. To stop this kind of first bleeding, apply pressure to force the
wound and then we pressed over the wound on the artery that nourishes
it. And if we can apply a tourniquet.

Themeasures taken are:

If bleeding occurs in an arm or leg, elevate the limb above heart level.
Bring the edges of the wound, pressed against it.
Compress with gauze or a clean cloth for about 10

The danger of internal bleeding is that they are difficult to detect. Usually appear in a
violent coup. After a person has suffered a stroke should pay close attention to thefollowing:

Pale, cold and clammy
Weak and rapid pulse.
Anxiety and restlessness followed by drowsiness.

In this case, that cover the victim and lie down with legs slightly elevated.

Bleeding exteriorized:
Exteriorized hemorrhage is a sign of severe internal bleeding. The most important may
be epistaxis (nosebleeds) we hit the nose and tilt your head back, ifafter a few
minutes (5-10) in this position the bleeding does not stop, we pack the nose with
gauze soaked in a as liquid hydrogen peroxide.

A wound is an injury or tissue trauma. The injury may be of two types:
 Closed wounds.
 Open wounds.
Closed wound:
Closed wounds are lesions produced by concussions. The skin remains intact, but there
may be a great crush of the tissuesbeneath.
Open wound:
There is a break in the skin that creates a gateway to the organism in the environment,
which, penetrating, depending on the object causes infections that arise may be:

Penetrating wounds
Injuries to the chest
Injuries in alcohol
Wounds in the mouth
Injuries to the eye

First aid in minor injuries:
Theminor injuries are minor cuts, scratches and abrasions. For treatment step we
follow three principles:
 Preparation of material
 Alcohol-washing of hands
 Wound-Healing
We must prepare and have on hand a piece of clean cloth, gauze pads, scissors,
antiseptic (soap, liquid, hydrogen peroxide, alcohol, etc.) tape and bandagens.
2. WASHING AND DISINFECTION OF HANDS:Must wash hands carefully with soap and water. After the rubbing alcohol and let air dry.
(Never dry hands with a towel)

If the wound is dirty (dirt, blood, etc.) Apply blast-oxygenated water. Then cleanse the
wound from the center out with liquid soap. Then dry the wound with sterile
gauze. Finally apply an antiseptic iodine donates pool type, utadine, etc.

Aburn is an injury caused by the heat in any form. The burns can be classified
according to three criteria. The agent that produces them, the depth reached and the
area concerned in relation to total body surface.
1 - Chemicals: Also called caustic. They cause damage some time after removal.
2 - Heat: due to hot liquids and objects as well as flames. The...
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