Dicas para conseguir um trabalho (em inglês)

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First you must decide what you want to do. Do you like a specific job? What don’t you like to do? Do you really want to work? Do something that you would feel happy.Then, think a little and decide exactly what you want to do. You can research in the internet and do some personality tests. It’s simple and helps you to decide a future job.
About an interview,there is a very important tip to follow, the time. If you arrive too late to the interview you will spend a bad impression to your future boss and it probably will mean that you won’t get the job. Alsoit’s important for not been nervous. If the interview observes that you aren’t comfortable this can mean you haven’t skills to work under pressure, then try to stay calm and relaxed. Try to show yourskills and abilities and don’t talk about your negative points. Talk only if the interviewer ask to you.
Probably the interviewer will ask to you about your plans in the company and you must saythings about update your knowledge and the feeling to help the company. Never say things as “I want to work in this company because my family needs my help” or “Because this company pays very wellher workers”.
Personal presentation is an other important point. You must use social clothes to spend a good impression to the interviewer. Also is necessary to observe the hair and the beard. Longhair or a bad done beard shows that you don’t care with the future job. It’s totally wrong.
It’s important talk about resumé too, because it’s a great attempt to get a good job, but is necessaryto follow some simple recommendations that I will show you.
Colored papers? A very big resumé? Of course not!
The resume must be short and objective and must talk about your experiences andskills.
It isn’t necessary to put your photo in the resumé, however if the company recommends to put it you will put a simple photo in the top of resumé.
Maybe the most important tip in a...
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