Diary entry and informal email examples in english

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Dairy entry – First day in London

My first night in London I can’t say much as my memory of the night starts to fade dramatically
as it progressed. Strange how things happen, itstarted when I checked into the hostel and
they gave me a large pint as welcome. Over the course of the night, I kept protesting that I
needed to get some dinner and to go to bed, but it justnever happened.

Without a clue of how I ended up there, I did eventually manage to drag myself out of bed
on the next morning. I wandered the neighbourhood, looking for a good coffee,and trying to
memorize how to get to the market, to the bakery and the bus stop.

Back to the hostel, I had a long shower, and got ready to visit the famous Big Ben. Less the 20
minutesaway by bus, there it was, as amazing as I imagined! Why not visti the surroundings?!
London is really flat, so you can walk and walk and walk, and you never get really tired.

Afterseeing what I wanted to see, I joined a few of the guys from the hostel and returned to
the pub (alcohol free this time) and watched a The Who cover band playing live before an early
startheading to Regent’s Park.

Informal e-mail

Hi Bob!
I’m so happy you are visiting the city next week! I know you’ll have to work most of the days,
but we could meet, and I could be yourguide!
How about going to Ibirapuera Park in the afternoon? The water fountain is beautiful. And
then we have dinner later.
On Wednesday we should visit the Japanese neighbourhood,Liberdade. There are good
karaokes we can go to.
I’ll watch a play on Friday with some friends at Paulista Avenue. If you’re free, we can visit Casa
das Rosas, and then, watch the playtogether.
I hope you get a free weekend…I’ll go to the beach Saturday. You’re invited to join me. Bring
your swimsuit!
Let me know if you need a lift from the airport to the hotel.

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