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The Devil Wears Prada was a film that really impressed me, because I believed it would be a silly and kind of a girl movie with Anne Hathaway, however, it was much more than I thought it would be. It was a movie very realistic about the obstacles encountered in the labor market and what people end up doing and giving up to grow in life. Meryl Streep is the one who runs over a great performance.The story takes place in the glamorous world of fashion where Miranda Priestly is the powerful editor of a fashion magazine, called Runway. She is feared and admired at the same time, highly demanding, and a centralized dictator, for some people she is the devil herself. She never says thank you, never recognizes a good work, and also believes that people who work with her should guess all of hernext moves.
Andrea Sachs (Anne) is a young journalist who wants an opportunity in New York and despite being totally out of the current standards of fashion, does not care about the style of clothes that she wears and also do not know anything about fashion designers, still she was able to get a job as Miranda's assistant. Andrea suffers many humiliations, but with the help of Nigel, themagazine's fashion director, eventually she becomes a professional, elegant, well dressed girl that ends up arousing the admiration of Miranda, which sees as the assistant herself and gives her the opportunity to become her chief assistant, and also go to Fashion Week in Paris to advise her.
However, not all is joy for Andrea, since it will remain available to Miranda 24 hours a day, both forprofessional and personal. For example, do the homework of Miranda's twin daughters. By doing that, she starts having conflicts with her boyfriend and friends who believe that Andrea has changed a lot and do they start to not recognize her anymore. She now started to live an ascetic life; working 24 hours a day, killing her own self by giving up everything to dedicate 100% on the job. Andrea alwaysapologizes to everyone saying "I have no choice" and so it has to do things that would she would normally not. Until the very Miranda tells her that everything is an option, to follow or to not follow, it’s her choice. At that time, Andrea makes a decision to live the ascetic life style.
In these days, there are a lot of executives and entrepreneurs much like Miranda. Bordering on arrogance confident,competent, focused and recognized as a standard of professional success. But out of that environment they are lonely, sad, which has long killed her in order to devote themselves totally to her company. These people usually have a very clear vision for the future of the company, planning a wonderful, dedicated staff to achieve results. But when asked what they want for their future, they can onlyrefer to the company, they forget that they are people who once had their personal dreams. And if one day they wake up and had to face with the fact that the company does not want them anymore? What will their lives become?
Know what they want for themselves is what gives meaning to their work, even if it is arduous. Do not work so hard if you do not know what that will bring into your personallife in a long-term aspect. Especially because I know very few people who said that they work because they love to work, having the need to do much work to achieve their dreams. To be able to afford things such as a trip, a house, a good car, etc.
Also like Andrea who always gave the excuse that they had to do everything because she had no choice, many people always apologize in the same way,they are driven by the goals of others, and they do not drive their own lives. They are guided until one day they are faced with a great void, because when alone, they do not know what to do, because after all, they need other people to say what should be done.
In a moment of the film, Nigel expect a great professional opportunity, but for Miranda not to lose her post as main editor, she can...
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