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I choose the essay by Michael Crichton, “Let’s Stop Scaring Ourselves”. I thought that article is very interesting. The author explains really what is happening with the earth issue. We just payattention what is in the news and forget about others big problems that sometimes are worse than those we just talk about. He used the global warming as example.
The author has a degree in medicinebut did his career as a writer. Also he used this article in his book. Crichton is constricts by particular issues for example: “…Global cooling instead of global warming” (141). Also the author isnot excited about the global warming anymore. With all the same new inside the people heads, they will get used of this problem, living without fears about uncertain future.
In "Let ‘stop ScaringOurselves," Michael Crichton argues:
In the 1960s, experts like Paul Ehrlich spoke with conviction: “In the 1970s the world will undergo famines—hundreds of millions of people are going to starve todeath.” Ehrlich argued for compulsory population control if voluntary methods failed. In the 1970s, The Club of Rome (a global think tank) predicted a world population of 14 billionin the year 2030,with no end in sight…
Instead, fertility rates fell steadily. By the end of the century, they were about half what they were in 1950, with the result that many now expect world population to peak at 9billion or so and then to decline. (It’s estimated to be about 6 billion today.)… (142)

Michael used this argument to say that he is tired to listen the same problems and never happen anything. Healso said that he has more important things to worries about, not about the speculation.
I agree with Michael, out there are many things to care about and the people keep the always same problems.We sometimes forgot about others big problems. He like open my mind about it. I never think about it, now I will pay more attention about other problems those are around us every single day and we...
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