Democracy agains parties

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Rodrigo Maya da Costa
Module Convener: Dr Pier Antonio Toto Independent Translation Project
London Metropolitan University
Date due: 01.06.2012
SLT: Democracies Against Parties
TLT: Democracias Contra os Partidos

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Pre-Translation Analysis_____________________________________2
Source Language Text_______________________________________7
Target Language Text_______________________________________17
Post Translation Analysis____________________________________28
Translation Problems________________________________________30
Glossary of Terms__________________________________________51
Appendix________________________________________________ 55


This is the final project of the module, comprising the translation of a 3000-word text into Portuguese plus a 6.500-word commentary analyzing the pre-translation and post translation procedures that were adopted in the rendering and a commentary on 20 translations problems encountered during the transfer. The text that I chose for my project belongs to the political field and reflects on the deinstitutionalization of party systems in South American countries, notably Colombia, caused by democratizing reforms.

The following abbreviations have been used throughout the text:

ST: Source Language
TT: Target Language
SLT: Source Language Text
TLT: Target Language Text
Pre-translation analysis

1. About the author of the source-text

The text was written by Eduardo Dargent Bocanera and co-written by Paula Munoz. Eduardo Dargent has been an associate professor of the Department of Social Sciences at the Pontificia Universidad Católica del Peru since 2010 and completed his Ph.D. at the University of Texas at Austin. The title of his thesis