Daily routine

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ly routine

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1. After working ten hours I feel like a_______________.
2. Come to my housearound_______________for dinner.
3. He has na______________ work schedule.
4. I used to be a_______________ but now I go to bed early.
5. I am______________________for my childhood.

1)He mentions what they _____ . [pic] a) eat b) watch c) talk about
2) What does he say about his routine? [pic] a) He takes public transport. b) He works nine hours. c) He gets home late.
3) He sayshe prefers ______ ..  a) evenings b) mornings
4) He says he usually takes ____ . [pic] a) a bath b) a shower
5) How does he feel about the books? [pic] a) Childish b) Reattached c) NostalgicPlay the audio and answer the following questions.







What are you nostalgic for?
Are you a zombiein the morning?
Who is the night owl in your family?
Is anything irregular in your life?
Should I come around your house around sixish?

Rebecca: So, Gareth, what's your daily routine like?Gareth: My routine is actually a littleirregular. I have a different working schedule for each day of the week, but on a weekend my son usually wakes me up about half-eight, nine o'clock, and after thatwe go downstairs, and I get him some cereal, like he likes at the moment chocolate rice Krispies and he has a bowl of them and we watch Toy Story. He loves Buzz and Woody.
Rebecca: Every weekend the...
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