Cross cultural problems

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In order to illustrate the chosen application, an example of a problem of communication between cultures will be described.
The situation occurred in Spain, more precisely in La Coruna, during afootball game in which Porto won against Deportivo de La Coruña, for the “Champions League”. At the end of the game, La Coruña assistant coach said to Mr. José Mourinho, Porto’s trainer, that the gamewas in fact extremely good. However, he said it in Spanish (“Puta Madre”).
In Spanish, the term "Puta Madre" is considered a slang, its meaning: "very good", "being well" or "cool". On the other hand,this expression in Portuguese is a pretty offensive one. For this reason, Mr. Mourinho thought that the other team’s coach was attacking him.
Through the cross-cultural analysis of this situation itis possible to understand that, even though Portuguese and Spanish cultures are very similar, differences do also exist.
The recommendation for such case is for people being careful about reactionsfrom other cultures, particularly in what concerns to linguistic and communication differences, as in many cases a misunderstanding situation may lead to severe mistakes and affect several relationalbehaviors. The different cultural standards must be prudently analyzed in order to prevent confusions.

Now I present the first case, it´s an example of problem of communication between similarcultures.
The situation occurred in spain, when I was in the football game in which porto won agaist deportivo de la corunha for the champins league.
At the end of the game, the coach of corunha said tojose mourinho that the game was really good. However he said it in Spanish: puta madre
In Spanish the term puta madre is a slang, its means: very goor or cool. On the other hand this expression inPortuguese is a pretty offensive one and mourinho thought that the other coach was attacking him.
Thus it is possible to understand this situation even though Portuguese and Spanish cultures are very...
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