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Course Title: Diploma in Project Management Lecture Name: Killian O’Driscoll Module/Subject Title: Individual AssignmentAssignment Title: Transposition of the São Francisco River Nº of words: 729

Diploma in Project Management – Individual Assignment

Transposition of the São Francisco River

The project oftransposition of the São Francisco river is the most important governmental structuring action in Brazil, aiming the guarantee of water for socioeconomic development of states most vulnerable to drought. Itpromises water supply for 12 million inhabitants of 391 towns. The goal is to take water from the São Francisco River to four states: Pernambuco, Ceará, Paraíba and Rio Grande do Norte by twoconcrete channels called North axis and East axis with continuous removal of only 1,42 percent of river flow.

Launched in August 2007, the work should be completed by December of 2012. With only 43percent of progress, the new target determined by Ministry of National Integration – responsible organ for the following enterprise - is to conclude in 2015. The government says the work is much morecomplex than it was thought in the initial project and, as consequence, many builders abandoned the construction sites. Also some builders encountered costs higher than forecasted.

Transposition of theSão Francisco River


Diploma in Project Management – Individual Assignment

Besides, the initial budget was 4,8bn real (US$2,2bn) and now increased in 8,2bn real (US$3,8bn). There is also signof overbilling from one of the responsible builders. Indeed, what was supposed to be a promising project, part of the Growth Acceleration Program to benefit socially and economically millions ofpeople, is now, literally, stopped and parts of the project which are already built are covered with weed and full of cracks needing to be repaired. Furthermore the government has to deal with...
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