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An ebook in twelve parts by

Judy Hall

Lib ra
The journey into relationship


Libra Sept. 23 – Oct. 22

Mangano Calcite


Libra is where the soul learns about being in relationship with one’s self and of its own needs. As sociable Libra wants to be liked and is oftenprepared to

another, and recognises how to harmonise with another without losing sight be in a relationship no matter what the personal cost, it can become the people pleaser who over­compromises, continually saying yes and finding it virtually impossible to say no. This personality seeks balance, fairness and harmony, and rarely shows anger. But, like old fashioned scales, Libra can swingwildly indecisive sign, sitting on the fence, but this arises because Libra is carefully This sign wants to be fair to everyone and Libra adapts, adjusts and between extremes while the balance is sought. Traditionally Libra is an weighing up all the options – and doesn’t want to upset anyone in the process. compromises to keep the peace. However, the shadow side of this sign can be a selfishness thatreally wants to get its own way and Libra can be seductively manipulative in doing so. If you understand the Libra part of your nature, you come to recognise where you have to be whole in order to relate.

will know where you adapt and weave in order to be part of a whole, and will

This is Venus’ stone, the goddess of love in all her facets: ecstasy, seduction, desire, lust, eroticism,tenderness and romantic love. A stone of forgiveness, Mangano Calcite brings unconditional love into your heart. It releases fear and grief that have kept the heart trapped in the past, healing heartbreak, and opens the heart to give and receive love on all levels. Ameliorating anxiety, it

Crystal: Mangano Calcite

is particularly useful for enhancing self­esteem and self­acceptance. Gentle ManganoCalcite facilities contact with the angelic realm and can assist in contacting helpers from other realms.

TeJourney h
This journey takes you into your own heart to explore your relationship with yourself and with others. It helps you to learn how you give and share yourself in relationship, how much of yourself you give away, how fully you can accept love, and where you hold back out of fearor past heartbreak. My book, The Soulmate Myth: a dream come true or your worst nightmare? will different between a soulmate and a twinflame (what everyone thinks they mean when they say they want to meet their soulmate). further assist you to understand your relationships better and to pinpoint the

Remember to prepare your crystal before commencing the journey.

Crystal Journey: ManganoCalcite

WEEK 1: Sit comfortably and close your eyes. Without opening your eyes,
look up to the point above and between your eyebrows: your ‘third eye’. Feel world, focusing it deep inside yourself. Hold your Mangano Calcite in your Mangano Calcite over your heart and allow your heart to open to absorb flowing into your heart and out to every part of your being. this eye open. Breathe gently andwithdraw your attention from the outside whichever hand feels comfortable and be aware of its loving embrace. Place the beautiful energy of the stone, feel the crystallised pink light of divine love Picture a meadow in front of you. It is a warm sunny day with a light breeze Let your Mangano Calcite lead you to this temple.

and the scent of flowers in the air. Across to one side there is a smalltemple. As you knock on the door, it opens and a guardian gestures to you to step inside. The guardian takes you to a small private courtyard where a bathing pool has been prepared. The pool is made of Mangano Calcite and the water is

full of rose petals. Attendants will help you to undress and step down into the Simply receive. Do nothing but accept this unconditional, divine love. You may...
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