Copiando game save do pc para ps2

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This is a tutorial on how to copy game saves to your PS2 memory card using uLaunchELF (required for games like GTA)

What you need:
- PS2 Save Builder (
- Game saves (I get mine from
- uLaunchELF (
- How to boot uLaunchELF from CD (thanks kiwi1 for the link!) (

I’ll use Gran Turismo 4 (PAL) save as an example here.

1) Use PS2 Save Builder to open the save file you obtained

2) Select all the files on the left hand side of the program, right click and select on “Extract”

3) Create a folder with the same name as the game ID (in this case, it’s the first file in the list, BESCES-51719GAMEDATA (everything after the “B” could be different, depending on the game and which region the game came from, but this file should be really easy to find), then click on OK (the filename will say “not used”, don’t worry about that)

4) Open the folder you just extracted the files to, if you did it correctly this is what you should see:

5) Copy the FOLDER (not just the files) to your USB flash

6) Load uLaunchELF on your PS2, browse to your USB flash (under mass:/). Locate the folder you just copied, then press R1 and select “Copy” to copy the entire folder

7) Browse to your MC (mc0:/ for the first MC, and mc1:/ for the second MC) and in the base folder press R1 again and select “mcPaste” to paste the entire folder here (do NOT use “Paste”, while it works for most games, some games like GTA, GT4 will only work if you use mcPaste)

8) You should see a folder called "BESCES-51719GAMEDATA" (again, name varies for different games) under mc0:/ (you may need to exit this folder and


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