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Living in the Farm to Living in the City

By comparing life between living on a farm and living in the city, we will see that there are many similarities and differences. The choice for a living place is very individual and depends on one’s personal values. When choosing where to live, you should do a careful examination of all aspects to make the perfect decision for you and your family. Ilived in the farm and in the city, so I know there are some factors that you must consider before choosing between the two places. In the following paragraphs, I am going to talk about the similarities and differences between living in the farm and living in the city.
In my opinion, people's attitudes change depending on where they live. Living in a farm you believe that everyone is friendly.You probably know your neighbor, and everyone in your area. Living in the farm, you spend most of your time with your family and friends. A person living in the farm prioritize their essential more than they would prioritize their desires. Farmers have a strong bond with their family members, because everyone helps out with the work in the farm. I would describe life in the city as fast paced. Aperson living in the city can have the same bond with their family too, but it is harder because city life is so busy. One thing will be the same in both places is the family. No matter where you live your family will aways be there for you in time of need.
Everyone needs entertainment. There are a few things you could do in the farm, for example, you can go fishing, swimming in the lake, orhunting. But there is not much to do a night. In the city, do not matter if is day or night there will be always something to do. Whether you go to a nightclub, zoo, museums, or a movie, the options are endless.
In the city you usually are in close distance to clothing store, schools, gas station, and supermarkets. Most of the roads are paved, and easier to drive. In the farm the roads are not alwayspaved, and this makes it harder to drive. If you want to go to stores or a gas station, sometimes you have to thirty minute drive to where you want to go.
One things that was different for me when I move to the city, was driving. Driving in the city is a challenge. Sometimes traffic is so stressful; people honking their horn at you for nothing. Parking in the city is hard to find, andsometimes when you find the parking, the parking lot is full. But in the farm you would not have to worry about that because there is no traffic, and you can easily find a parking spot for you.
The noise in the city seems to never stop. Day and night you will aways hear the sirens, traffic noisy and so on. The noise in the farm does not stop either. During the day or night you can hear the sound ofthe crickets, cicadas, and many other animals.
One thing that I really loved was having all the animal to play with. Living in the farm you can have as many aminal as you want. You can have a horse as a pet, if you wanted to. While if you live in the city you probably do not have enough space to have a pet or you may not be allowed to have a pet.
The environment in the city is more pollutedthan the farm environment. In the city there are more houses, apartments, and tall buildings. Trees are present but not in abudance like in the farm enviroment. I guess you can say that the air in the farm is a lot more clean than the city air.
On the farm you can go on your backyard and pick a fresh fruit whenever you want. The fruits are much healthier and have less toxic on them. In the cityyou can plant a tree, too. But you cannot have a variety of fruits.
One thing I miss when I lived in the farm is when it was late in the night you could play music as loud as I wanted. Well maybe not as loud as I wanted, but as loud as my parents would allow me to play. Living in the city you have until a certain time you can be loud. After that, if you are loud your neighbor may call the cops...
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