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My opinion about to keep in touch with friends, I believe that is easier than the past, because today we have more technology to do that than the past. I for example keep intouch with friends who lives so far to me trough the Msn or Orkut.
About the men keep their friends longer than women I think that the reason is because, the men are less emotional than womenwith their friends, I have a lot of friends since I was children and we had a lot of fights too, but was so easy to resolve I see that it not happens with girls, if the girls discuss each other it isforever.
I personally believe that is totally posible to stay "good friends" with an ex-partner, for example many of my ex-partners are my friends yet, I agree that it is not so common but yes,is posible!
About lend or not lend money to a friend, it is not a easy decision exist two ways to make the decision, first if you lend but your friend never pay you back you lose your friend andsecond if you do not lend, the relation don't stay the same too . In this case I think that the best way to resolve this case is invent some excuse to not lend any money.


Would you like to live in a beautiful flat in the Agua verde neighbourhood, near all the services that you need in your day to day?
It has three bedrooms; an ideal living room towatch movies in the home theatre for the reason that it has a magnificent acoustic, there is too a nice grill to make a great barbecue with your friends the espace is enough to more than six peopleapproximately, because there is sixty square metre of lounge.
The neighbourhood is perfect if you need work at centre of the city, by bus, you expend just fifteen minutes, the flat is near ofsome places for example Shopping Agua verde, bus station and square Guanabara wich is a great place to you enjoy with all your family, in my opinion the best things of the neighbourhood are the people...
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