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W e lcom e to Windows 7 Forums. O ur forum is de dicate d to he lping you find solutions with any proble m s, e rrors or issue s yo u are e x pe rie ncing with Windows 7.The W indows 7 fo rum also cove rs ne ws and update s and has an e x te nsive Windows 7 tutorial se ction that cove rs a wide ra nge of tips a nd trick s.
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Windows 7 - Compatibility Mode
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Compatibility Mode
How to Run a Program inCompatibility Mode in Windows 7 Published by Brink 11-04-2008

Compatibility Mode

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How to Run a Program in Compatibility Mode in Windows 7
Information C om pa tibility m ode a llows a olde r progra m writte n for an e arlie r ve rsions of W indows to po ssibly run in Windows 7. You can a lso use C om pa tibility m ode to always have a program to R un as an adm inistra tor. Tip Ifchanging the C om pa tibility se ttings doe s not fix the proble m , go to the program m anufacture r's we bsite to se e if the re is a n upda te for the program . To se e if your software is com patible with W indows 7, che ck it he re : Windows 7 Compatibility Center home
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Warning Do not use C om patibility m ode on olde rantivirus pro gram s, disk utilitie s, or othe r syste m program s be ca use it m ight cause da ta loss or cre ate a se curity risk .
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OPTION ONE Through Properties Page
1. R ight click on the program 's shortcut (LNK file ), .EXE file , BA T file , CMD file , or MSI file . 2. C lick on Properties. 3. C lick on the Compatibility ta b. (se e scre e ns hot be low)
NOTE: Ifthe Compatiblity options are grayed out, then it is a 64 bit program and cannot be changed.

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Compatibility Mode - Windows 7 Forums

NOTE: Runs the program using settings from a previous version of Windows. Try this setting if you know the program is designed for (or worked in) a specific previous version ofWindows. A) C he ck the Run this program in compatibility mode for box . (se e scre e nshot be low) B) C lick on the drop down m e nu a rrow and se le ct which ve rsion of W indows the progra m wa s m a de for. (se e scre e nshot be low) NOTE: Always pick the latest Windows version the program was written for to have a better chance of it running properly in Windows 7. Warning MSI file s (rightscre e nshot be low) will only have the Previous version of Windows option a vaila ble fo r it. This option will allow W indows 7 to autom atically use the pre vious ve rsion com pa tibility m ode it think s is be st for the MSI file to run prope rly as. You will not be able to do ste ps 5 and 6 be low.

4. To Run a Program in Compatibility Mode

5. To Change the Settings for a Program
A) C he ckor unche ck the se ttings you want for the program . (se e scre e nshot be low) NOTE: See the table below the screenshot for a description of each setting.

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26-04-2011 19:01

Compatibility Mode - Windows 7 Forums

Run in 256 colors

Use s a lim ite d se t of colors in the program . Som e olde r progra m sare de signe d to use fe we r colors.

R uns the progra m in a sm alle r-size d window. Try this Run in 640 × 480 se tting if the graphical use r inte rface appe ars jagge d or is screen resolution re nde re d im prope rly. Disable s themes on the program . Try this se tting if you Disable visual notice proble m s with the m e nus or buttons on the title bar themes of the progra m . Turns off...
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