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Modellus 4

Four examples...


The Dino starts moving to the right with acceleration
pointing to the left…
Before starting the motion, it is possible to define the
initial position, theinitial velocity and the acceleration,
dragging the corresponding Vectors.
In the graphs drawn, the second graph represents the
derivative of the first and the third graph represents
thederivative of the second…

Interactive Modelling
with Mathematics

A stroboscopic photo of a collision was placed as a
background in the workspace...
Three Vectors were created to measure, in anarbitrary
scale, the linear momentum of each object, before and
after the collision…
Dragging the Vectors it is easy to check the
conservation of the linear momentum...


The developmentof Modellus 4 is being done with generous support from the Portuguese Ministry of Education (DGIDC), the Portuguese Foundation for Science and
Technology (FCT), the European Community, the Instituteof Physics (UK) and the
research unit UIED-FCTUNL.

The Modellus installation program includes many
examples and others are regularly added to the web
Besidesthe Modellus files, the web site also contains
several documents for students and teachers from
basic learning levels to higher education. These
documents are regularly updated.

The side of asquare was defined…
The area and the perimeter were calculated…
The square was represented by Geometrical Objects
(Segments), which may be linked in succession…
Several Pens were created to representrelations
between area and perimeter, etc…

Modellus 4

In the figure, an example that illustrates the use of
sinusoidal functions in an oscilloscope. Withthis model
it is possible to analyse the frequency, the amplitude
and other aspects of periodic sinusoidal signals.

A model was created using a system of ordinary
differential equations...
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