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The Suitability of Algebraix Data’s Technology to Cloud Computing

Robin Bloor, Ph D


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Executive Summary
This white paper was commissioned by Algebraix Data. The goal of the paper is to provide a definition of what a cloud database is, and in the light of that definition, examine the suitability of Algebraix Data’s technology to fulfill the role of a cloud database. Here is a brief summary of the contents of this paper: • We define a cloud dbms (CDBMS) to be a distributed database that can deliver a query service across multiple distributed database nodes located in multiple data centers, including cloud data centers. Querying distributed data sources is precisely the problem that businesses will encounter as cloud computing grows in popularity. Such a database also needs to deliver high availability and cater for disaster recovery. In our view, a CDBMS only needs to provide a query service. SOA already delivers connectivity and integration for transactional systems, so we see no need for a CDBMS to cater for transactional traffic - only query traffic. A CDBMS needs to scale across large computer grids, but it also needs to be able to span multiple data centers and, as far as is possible, cater for slow network connections. We review traditional databases, focusing primarily on relational databases and column store databases, concluding that such databases, as currently engineered,


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