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Management Innovation at the Brazilian Superior Tribunal of Justice
Tomas de Aquino Guimarães, Catarina Cecilia Odelius, Janann Joslin Medeiros and João Augusto Vargas Santana

Rodrigo HakimHistory and Structure
The Brazilian Superior Tribunal of Justice is responsible for hears and judge appeals from the Brazilian state courts and the five regional federal courts: “The STJ is Brazil’shighest appellate court for infraconstitutional cases”. Another task is to ensure the correct interpretation of federal law in all states. It was created in 1988 by the new Federal Constitution; whichgave social and political rights for the citizen after the military rule period.
The STJ is composed by 33 judges who are divided in four hearing chambers. The first of these is specialized inhearing questions of public law; the second treats about private law; the third deal with social security matters and the last is responsible for administration activities and hearing criminal suits.Problems inside organization
Some interviewers have told during the research about the existence of thinks differently in the STJ. There are two distinct areas: judicial and administrative. The first iscompound by the judges who are more formal at work (formal clothes, ceremonial manner and formal address) and the second is compound by civil servants who do the support activity. So, it´s difficultto integrate these two areas, because the habits and process aren’t the same. This situation causes isolation and the integration becomes jeopardized. Another problem is related with academic formationin Law: judges aren´t formed in management, they have to learn administrative techniques and concepts to develop their actions better.
Solutions to solve these problems
Looking for theIncreasing Demands, effectiveness, integration and efficiency, in the 1990's the SJT started to implement Total Quality Management process in some specific areas. The new plan was created and designed...
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