Chuunibyou demo koi ga shitai!

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Chuunibyou is an anime about escapism and accepting reality. I think the most powerful lines in this anime represent this: “Banishment this world!” (said by Rikka) and “No matter how much you wantto it to, or believe it will. It does not exist!” (said by Yuuta). It’s a struggle between fantasy and reality. One person (Rikka) is too emerged in an imaginary world that she can’t properly functionand is also completely empty and distraught without it. The other (Yuuta) is trying to be too realistic. After leaving his past behind him, he is trying to move forward as a “normal person”. Theanime never delves into why he suddenly decided/realized that everything was fake and pointless. After meeting Rikka however, his firm belief against the “eighth grade symptom” falters and the twobecomes closer. But then, Yuuta reverts back to how he originally was because he thinks he’s being irresponsible by letting Rikka act as she does. He finds out about the reason why she depends on herescapism actions and believes that it’s “unhealthy” for her. But honestly, I’m pretty sure Rikka knew the truth from the very beginning. There’s a reason why her world is so complicated. She doesn’t knowhow to react to the death of her beloved father. She feels ostracized from the rest of society and therefore in order to cope and survive, she pretends to be a powerful sorceress. I think that ifYuuta and her family just let her be, one day she would just normally snap out of it. Everything would be just a phase, a nostalgic phase. But they weren’t patient nor accepting of her. They forced herto accept reality and I think it’s going to break her. So many people watching this anime think it’s going to have a happy ending where Yuuta gets on the train as his old self (Dark Flame Master,which by the way is probably the reason why Rikka even started this whole chuunibyou business [there was a scene where it shows the probable beginnings of Rikka’s escapism]) and then tell Rikka that...
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