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Structure Preliminary Layout

Overview Co nventions What's New? Getting Started Setting Up Yo ur Sess ion Defining the Hull Form Setting Up Yo ur Grid Creating Mo lded Forms Creating a Compartment Creating B oundaries Saving Documents User Tasks Browsing Project Data W rapping Surfaces About W rapping SurfacesPreparing Imported Surfaces Creating Hull Forms Creating Deckhous es Creating Complex Hull Forms Modifying W rapping Surfaces Replacing Wrapping Surfaces Calculating General Hull Characteristics and Form Coefficients Mo lded Forms About Mo lded Forms Creating Simple Molded Forms Creating Multiple Molded Forms Creating External Molded Forms Modifying Molded Forms Co mpartments About C ompartmentsCreating Compartments Modifying Compartments Splitting Compartments Modifying Compartment User Type Creating Complex Compartments Bo undaries Creating Boundaries Modifying Boundary Us er Type Openings Creating Openings Deleting Openings Exporting Data in IDF Format Generating Offs et Data Object Relatio nships Creating Reports Defining the Repo rt Format Generating a Repo rt Producing Lines DrawingsCreating Plane Systems Managing Your Project Working with a Cache System Managing Ship Project Data Managing Project Resources Us ing the PRM Command Checking a PRM File for Errors Understanding Project Resource Management About the Feature Dictionary About Object Naming Rules Structure Preliminary Layout Package in Knowledge Expert Interoperability W orking with ENOVIA LCA Optimal CATIA PLMUsability Recommended Methodo logy Multiple Design Options , Querying for Compartments Penetration Management Querying for Penetrations Creating a Cutout Sketch Adding an Object to a Penetration Penetratio n Management Setup W orking with SmarTeam Workbench Description Structure Preliminary Layout Too lbar Structure Grid Set Toolbar Specification Tree C ustomizing Design Drafting Offs et DataCustomizing Standard Views Glo ssary Index

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Welco me to the Structure Prelim inary Layout User's Guide. This guide is intended for users who need to become quickly familiar with the Structure Preliminary Layout Version 5 product. This overview provides the follo wing information: Structure Preliminary Layout in a nuts hell Before reading this guide Getting the most out o f this guide Accessing sample documents Conventions used in this guide

Structure Preliminary Layout in a Nutshell
Vers ion 5 Structure Preliminary Layout allows you to model the early definition of hull forms, major ship z ones and main s tructures . It offers an eas y- to- use and easy-to -learngraphic interface. The overall s hip design project goes through a number of different phases fro m conceptual design through functional and detail design to extractio n of deliverables . This product addres ses initial design requirements for the s hipbuilding indus try. It fo cuses on internal arrangement and definitio n, including majo r bulkheads and decks, on subdivis ion into co mpartments of simple and complex shapes, and lets you compute data us ed in hydrostatic analys es. Other outputs include lines drawings, project data in IDF format and offs et data in XML format. T his early definitio n of the ship will then be further refined during the functional and detail design phases.

As a scalable product, Structure Preliminary Layout can be used with other Vers ion 5 pro ducts suchas Generative Drafting 2 (GRD) and Generative Shape Design 2 (GSD).

Before Reading this Guide
Before reading this guide, you s hould be familiar with basic Version 5 concepts such as document windows, standard and view too lbars. W e therefore recommend that you read the Infrastructure User's Guide that des cribes generic capabilities common to all Version 5 products. You may also like to...
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