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Journal of Intelligence Systems, Vol. 1, Issue 1, 2010, pp-01-06

RAJESH K. RAI AND KALPANA RAI Department of Computer Engineering, S.C.O.E, .University of Pune, India

Abstract- Technology is booming in every area around us, whether it is in the field of business trade, computer, telecom or any other area. In education system lot of trends andcompetitions are emerging for the career and betterment of the students. Now a days many types of value added services (VAS) and various response systems and public response systems are available and running successfully around us. These value added services always adds remarkable values to the industry. Likewise here is a solution for the betterment of students and the faculties even for the parent andguardian of the students, that they can access information in a easier way from every corner of the world. An Interactive response system is been developed for fetching information over mobile by means of GPRS services, in the form of SMS, relevant information regarding students Exams registration, attendance, their daily activities in the college, on the cost of mere negligible charges. Theseinteractive response systems will definitely going to be an asset for the institution and its students and faculties. This software deals with the SMS based applications. In this software an interactive database management system has been implemented by which the parent and guardian can get student’s information using SMS service. As every mobile is having the capability of to an from SMSing,this makesthe beauty part of this software as every mobile subscriber can benefit from this facility & thus saves precious time .At the same time this a very cost effective way to know about the current information of students. Finally, it may be emphasized that this system is public friendly & easy to use. 1. Introduction Short Message Service (SMS) in wireless systems provides the capability of limitedsizedata messages to subscriber's cellular phone. And the development of value added services based upon the GSM standard is becoming increasingly important to both network operators and the subscribers to such networks. This project outlines a wireless service system capable of providing real time information of the student information of the college. The system allows a user to the service toreceive student information on demand. Primarily by means of short messages delivered to their GSM mobile phone. The various questionnaires for the stakeholders prepared by the school/college staff and the author were successfully administered through the system. The system supports a consultative style of decision-making that enables the stakeholders to contribute their views. The server can compilethe responses, and then present the results to all. Hence, the school/college leaders can make timely and informed decisions that improve the college’s programmers. In addition, the system facilitates communication between the school and the home, and encourages collaboration. Finally, it supports the teachers in analyzing the students, and performs both formative and summative evaluation oflessons. Today wireless technologies such as GPRS, new 3G networks and different WLAN technologies are rapidly being developed and deployed providing wireless access to the Internet in a much larger scale than before. At the same time, new mobile platforms like PDAs, advanced mobile phones and wearable computers are becoming more and more common. Together it will mean that the Internet will beaccessible from anywhere, on a wide variety of different platforms and connection technologies. A user should be able to expect to access the same applications and services that are available on a fixed, connected PC from a mobile connected unit Short message service is a mechanism of delivery of short messages over the mobile networks. It is a store and forward
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