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Performance Measurement and Evaluation

Case Study:


Top objectives
Mauricio Santillan, regional vice president for the Latin American division of Microsoft waspreparing semi-anual strategic planning meeting. For that, he used the

Business ScoreCard management system Santillan wanted: Launching a new software package SQL 7.0 Use launch of Windows 98 to focusHis managers on reducing the level of piracy in the region (85% was pirated)

Business ScoreCard
strategic planning and management system align business activities to vision and strategy oforganization objective is to give a more balanced view of organizational performance

Microsoft… the company
Established on April 4, 1975 by William Gates and Paul Allen with the objective of “placinga computer on every desk and in every home”. In 1997 Microsoft had become one biggest companies in the world Microsoft was a unquestioned world leader in prepackaged software, and in additionintroduced an Internet browser product.

Latin America Region
New growing market for Microsoft Expansion started on Mexico, going south through Panama to Chile The strategy involved a increase on themarket leadership position and develop company’s infraestructure. Tequila effect was just a setback

Sales quotas had been exceeded but…

85% of all software was pirated

Back to BSCSantillan introduced the Balanced Scorecard It included : → Financial perspective → Costumer Perspective → Internal Process → Learning Perspective

Other Management systems in Latin America
BSC arethe only management system focused on the future of the division, because this didn’t had a formal strategic planning system Changes to the BSC were made to reflect changes in Seattle strategicmeasures The system used (Executive Information System) red flagged serious shortfalls in performance, while green flags identified exceptional performances. Every red flag was reported to a department of...
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