Carta de motivação

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Isto é um exemplo de uma carta de motivação, para quem está interessado em ter uma experiência de Erasmus. É necessário que tenham em atenção, que isto não passa de um exemplo, convém serem vocês a escrever com as vossas palavras.

To whom I might concern

I would like to start off by submitting my application for Erasmus student.
Why would I like to do something like this?
To begin, it’s an excellent opportunity to improve my English rusty accent and my vocabulary, and to also learn the language from the country I'll be in. Speaking about learning, I'm curious about the instruction that other colleges have to offer me, because of the things that I can learn from it and the new perspectives that I can gain from my academics professors, that will help me to get the knowledge that I need. Without mention that I'll learn new culture with which I have to live for six months.
And it's also a great experience to add in to the curriculum.
If I have the opportunity to go through this amazing experience, I think that I would have broadening my horizons. Because, I already have the Asian experience, for living in Macau for five years, and it's missing me the full experience that Europe can offer me, my home continent.
I feel very strongly that, if I have an Erasmus experience, I'll develop more as a person, for the fact that I would live in a country totally different from mine, I would be far away from my family.



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