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Capoeira: the Dance of War
Capoeira Angola is an Afro-Brazilian martial art that combines dance movements, acrobatics, fighting, music, history and philosophy. Enslaved Africans from the Banturegion of Africa brought the movements of Capoeira Angola to Brazil, disguising the martial elements of Capoeira Angola by adding music and singing.
After the abolition of slavery, Capoeira Angolacontinued to develop as an instrument of resistance and freedom, serving as a political weapon against oppression and a tool to retain and celebrate African traditions and philosophies. Today, CapoeiraAngola groups flourish across Brazil and around the world.
The North Star group visited Wabash College to educate students about the history of Capoeira and later perform the so-called “Dance of War.”North Star Capoeira was founded in Bloomington, Indiana by Contra-Mestre Iuri Hart Santos in 1998. Since then the group has expanded to Indianapolis and Evansville, IN. The group strives to preservethe art of Capoeira Angola primarily by teaching classes to people of all ages. Students learn movements, music and traditions of Capoeira Angola. We also offer performances and workshops in schools andat cultural events to enrich our community by spreading awareness of this art and its unique history.
This performance of the North Star group was consisted of the same melody, which wasaccompanied by voices of the leading singing voices. All of the songs that were performed have a beginning, medium, and an ending. It is critical to note that the Capoeira dancers get their energy for themiddle instrument, the Berimbau. The instruments used for Capoeira are:

Of African origin, the berimbau is used extensively in capoeira. It has an unusual timbre produced by striking a rod and a ringor coin on a metal string attached to a bow with a resonating dried gourd. It is played together with a caxixi, which is shaken while striking the string. Berimbau music is almost synonymous with...
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