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Digital Camera Repair Canon A560 Point-and-shoot Camera
Main Log Introduction Canon A560 Camera A550/A560 Lens Assembly

I bought a two month old Canon A560 camera from ebay with a broken batter tabs which hold the door down. After registering the camera, Canon customer the phone number of Canon's parts sales department. I was really surprised h were (almost half the price of OEM parts). Canoncustomer support were reall my explanation, suggested that I needed to replace the front of the plastic ou battery box, and the battery door. Including shipping, that was coming to $40 said that they will not be able to give me repair/ service manual.

Further research indicated that there wasn't much difference between A550 parts. From different photographs that I saw on internet, I figuredthat apar there wasn't much difference, at least from the outside. So I took the chance broken A550 from ebay for $20, including shipping.

I did the project quite late at night, so couldn't be bothered to use a tripod to shake. Some of the photographs are a little blurry. However, you should get t how to open the camera.

The following picture shows the A550 camera how I got it from ebay. Fromth explanation, and the physical appearance, it seemed that the lens assembly wa

NOTE 1: Be very very careful. The camera has components (for flash) which s If you're not careful, the shock that you might get is not powerful enough to definitely remember it for a long time. Despite being warned by many people o

got the shock anyway, but I thought that I'll still warn you anyway. My writinproof enough that it's not strong enough to kill you.

NOTE 2: I took these photographs just as sort of breadcrumbs to guide me b the camera if needed. I have tried to capture every detail, but if I've missed sure that these notes give you enough information that you'll figure out what take it apart.

My aim was to salvage the battery box, the front plastic casing, and the batte battery doorwas hinged in the battery box, so I figured I need not disassemb

Even though I just needed the battery box, I decided to dis-assemble it comp it's been put together.

First of all, you need to open the camera. For this, you have to unscrew the sc body. I took the bottom screws out first:

Next, open the battery door, and unscrew the one inside. All the outer body c same size, but this one issomewhat longer:

Next, the screws on the sides come off:

The screw on the other side:

This is the tool that is recommended to open the equipment (being plastic, won body), but I seldom use it:

Once having removed the screws, you need to take the front and back cover box is a good starting point. Force the front and the back cover apart by appl direction shown. You won't be able toopen it using your forefinger and thumb pic. This is just for illustration. I held the camera, and applied (restricted) fo

and forced it open:

I say restricted, because I just opened it until the latches holding it let go. Th screwdriver, I wedged the other side open. You might have to use some "pers open up :-) Don't be afraid to use some force when it is required. What do you already broken:-)

Still, don't force it open all the way. Here's how much you should open it once the two halves let go:

Using only slightest force on the top of the camera will make the front of the Be careful in putting it back on, though. The part indicated by the arrow consi copper plate. It can easily bend (happened to me), and will cause the zoom but You will then have to straighten it again. Next step is to take the back plastic case off. You can start on the end shown screwdriver (small one) in as shown, and wedge it open as indicated below. Als camera strap will have to be taken off. Otherwise, the back cover won't come

Again, don't open it all the way, because the camera mode select button will st main body by a cable ribbon. See the hole indicated by the arrow? Put a needl...
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