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Cena 14 – Júlia Pinheiro apresenta fotografias.
(Júlia Pinheiro): Good night dear viewers. As this is the last night of our house there is nothing better than to recall thebest moments of our finalists in the most famous house of Portugal.

Cena 15 –Let’s now talk with the four finalists that are still in the house.
Primeiro entra Ana Isabel no confessionário.
(Júlia): Good night Ana Isabel.(Ana Isabel): Good night Júlia.
(Júlia):Did you liked to participate in this program?
(Ana Isabel): Yes, I really liked it because I got to know new people and because it was a new and goodexperience.
(Júlia): And didn’t you missed your friends and family during these months?
(Ana Isabel):Of course I missed them but I had to control my fellings so I could continue here.
(Júlia): Do youthink you wil win this program?
(Ana Isabel): Look Júlia, I don’t know. I prefer to wait to find out.
(Júlia): Thank you very much Ana Isabel. See you in a few.
A seguir entra António noconfessionário.
(Júlia): Well good night António!
(António): Good night Júlia.
(Júlia): So, did you liked to participate in the show?
(António): Dear Júlia of course I did.
(Júlia): Didn’t you missed yourfamily?
(António): Yes but what I missed the most were my little cows and my sheeps. I cried every night when I went to sleep and I prayed a lot for them.
(Júlia): Do you think you’ll be able to win thefirst edition of our show?
(António): I don’t know. The only thing I want is my little cows near me.
(Júlia): Alright António. We’ll talk to you soon.

A seguir entra Vera no confessionário.(Júlia): Good night Veríssima.
(Vera): Good night dear Júlia.
(Júlia): So tell me, did you liked our house?
(Vera): I liked it very much.
(Júlia): You and Ivo couldn’t pass a day without slaping eachother, could you?
(Vera): Right, but that’s parto f the deal. He anoyed me so much
(Júlia): Will you be able to win the program?
(Vera): Of course!
(Júlia): Good. See you soon Vera....
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