Business activity monitoring based on action-ready dashboards and response loop

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Business Activity Monitoring Based on Action-Ready Dashboards And Response Loop
Sinan Sen
Research Center for Information Technology - FZI, Karlsruhe, Germany

Abstract. Nowadays up-to date and meaningful information about business processes and business activites are foundations of a successfull and flexible business. The quicker critical situations are recognized orpredicted and solved the less the negative consequences occur for the enterprises. The idea of real-time information provided for decision support has existed for several decades. Considering those solutions is more likely to show that they are restricted to propriatery domains. In recent years Business Activity Monitoring (BAM) has emerged in order to provide real-time information accross businessprocesses and to support business’ users decision. However in our opinion existing state-of-the-art BAM solutions have not come up to these expectations yet.



Businesses are looking constantly for ways to increase flexibility and respond more rapidly to changing markets. By using business process management many organizations have already improved greatly their operation efficiency.However, recently businesses have been confronted with the problem that the information flow within their processes have grown enourmously day-to-day. In order to become more responsive within this fast-moving environment they must accelerate the analysis and decision-making in a real-time manner. These requirements caused new concepts relatively like BAM to hold sway. The Term BAM has been definedas the concept of providing real-time access to critical business performance indicators to improve the speed and efficiency of business operations [1]. The objective behind BAM is to detect events, filter them and trigger business process management solutions in order to create the capability of reacting instantly. The near real-time monitoring of operational processes is generally accepted as thekey benefit of BAM against conventional business intelligence. Using this capability, companies have been able to monitor their business processes and identify failures or exceptions. However state-of-the-art BAM solutions are limited to real-world dashboard applications which display real-time and colorful charts based on some predefined key performance indicators (KPI). In our opinion thesefunctionalities are for the first generation BAM environment sufficient but not enough for a ‘real-time enterprise’. Existing BAM solutions firstly based


Sinan Sen

mainly on reporting instead of analyzing, secondly it considered only past activities without predictions for future business and thirdly the control mechanisms for business users are very rudimentary and not an integral part of theBAM.

2 CEP As Enabler For Action-Ready Dashboards and Response Loop
Business processes can be quite complex in the sense that they require communication between multiple actors and the system. In order to monitor those processes we need a technology which can monitor this complexity in real-time and in a more intelligent way. Complex Event Processing(CEP) [2] is in our opinion one of the mostpromising enabling technologies to deal with this complexity since we are convinced that the CEP capabilities like high throughput, low latency, complex computation or scalability fulfill the business requirements. Thus CEP is the essential component of a BAM solution (see fig. 1).

Fig. 1. Action-ready BAM with response loop.

The CEP Engine is responsible for making sense out of heterogenousevents from various sources based on appropriate formalisms and semantics. Instead being reactive the engine has to operate proactively and recognize situations

Contextualized Ontology-base similarity in Human-Resource Domain


before they occur really. Therefore we believe that a prediction model and the capability to process with similar events is needed. Also additional contextual...
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