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Exercício Extra 1º ano – Simple Present e Reading Comprehension

Bullying is a big problem. It can make kids feel hurt, scared, sick, lonely, embarrassed and sad. Bullies might hit, kick, or push to hurt people, or use words to call names, threaten, tease, or scare them.

A bully might say mean things about someone, grab a kid's stuff, make fun of someone, or leave a kid out of thegroup on purpose.

Some bullies threaten people or try to make them do things they don't want to do.

Bullying Is a Big Deal
Bullying is a big problem that affects lots of kids. Three-quarters of all kids say they have been bullied or teased. Being bullied can make kids feel really bad. The stress of dealing with bullies can make kids feel sick.

Bullying can make kids not want to playoutside or go to school. It's hard to keep your mind on schoolwork when you're worried about how you're going to deal with the bully near your locker.

Bullying bothers everyone — and not just the kids who are getting picked on. Bullying can make school a place of fear and can lead to more violence and more stress for everyone.

Why Do Bullies Act That Way?
Some bullies are looking for attention.They might think bullying is a way to be popular or to get what they want. Most bullies are trying to make themselves feel more important. When they pick on someone else, it can make them feel big and powerful.

Some bullies come from families where everyone is angry and shouting all the time. They may think that being angry, calling names, and pushing people around is a normal way to act. Somebullies are copying what they've seen someone else do. Some have been bullied themselves.

Sometimes bullies know that what they are doing or saying hurts other people. But other bullies may not really know how hurtful their actions can be. Most bullies don't understand or care about the feelings of others.

Bullies often pick on someone they think they can have power over. They might pick onkids who get upset easily or who have trouble sticking up for themselves. Getting a big reaction out of someone can make bullies feel like they have the power they want. Sometimes bullies pick on someone who is smarter than they are or different from them in some way. Sometimes bullies just pick on a kid for no reason at all.

Gemma told her mom that this one kid was picking on her for havingred hair and freckles. She wanted to be like the other kids but she couldn’t change those things about herself. Finally Gemma made friends at her local swimming pool with a girl who wished she had red hair like Gemma's. The two girls became great friends and she learned to ignore the mean girl's taunts at school.

1ª questão
Valendo-se dastécnicas de Skimming e Scanning estudadas em sala responda em Português as seguintes indagações sobre o texto anterior:

a) Que tipo de texto é este? Mencione dois itens presentes no mesmo que justifiquem a sua resposta.

b) Enumere pelo menos 5 sentimentos que quem sofre Bullying pode sentir.

c) Enumere pelo menos 5 ações que caracterizem Bullying.

d) Quantidade decrianças que dizem ter sofrido Bullying.

e) O que o Bullying faz com o ambiente escolar?.

f) Por que quem pratica o Bullying age desta maneira?.

g) Característica da família de quem pratica o Bullying.

2ª questão
Retire do texto e traduza exemplos de:

a) 03 palavras cognatas_____________________________________________________
b) 02 palavras formadas porjustaposição_______________________________________
c) 02 palavras formadas por sufixação _________________________________________
d) 01 palavra formada por prefixação__________________________________________

3ª questão
Em relação ao testemunho da...
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