Buenos aires

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Admired for its architecture, culture and art, Buenos Aires offers diversity in entertainment: since prestigious international museums to theatrical shows, big cinemas, casinos, concerts, tango shows and jazz concerts, craft fairs, antique shops, cultural centers, pubs, bars, and nightlife recognized by the variety and entertainment. It is the capital of Argentina, thereare above 10 million people, which makes it one of the 10 most populated urban centers in the world. The official language is Spanish, and English is spoken by most people involved in tourist activities. The weather is temperate. In winter, cold is moderate during the day but at night the temperature drops too much.

The coldest month is July. In summer, the weather is humid. The mornings are hot,too hot at midday and early afternoon hours. At night the temperature drops slightly. You can visit Buenos Aires any time of year. The Argentine
currency is the peso and the U.S. dollar is the major international currency. Buenos Aires has more than 3500 restaurants, from the most sophisticated traditional and ethnic restaurants to bars, pubs and international chains of fast food. The classic"parrillas" you can find even the sidewalks. In Buenos Aires it is common for the time dinner is very late, after 22 hours until dawn. Buenos Aires has 211 hotels in 01 (a) to 05 (five) stars and "apart" equivalent to more than 36,000 beds available.



The theatre complex of Buenos Aires is composed by five theatres that depends of the Department of Culture: San Martín,Alvear, Regio, de la Ribera and Sarmiento. There are three circuits of theatres: official - composed by the Theater Complex General San Martín, Theater Colón and The National Theatre Cervantes, commercial where are show musical comedies, tango shows, and local versions of plays represented throughout the worldand independent, and the independent circuit are concentrated in the Abasto neighborhood andextends to the neighborhoods of Palermo and San Telmo. Usually showing avant-garde. You can purchase tickets with discounts in the sales tour or on the internet: www.ticketsbuenosaires.com.ar


Buenos Aires has an amazing publishing industry. In Corrientes, Santa Fe Oath or large shopping malls there are big bookstores, with rare volumes, first editions, antique or out books,manuscripts and copies in other languages. It is good to visit the bookstores on May Avenue, the new circuit of San Telmo and the old bookstores on Corrientes Avenue, between Callao and 9 de Julio.


The city has several shopping circuits and the schedule is quite large. The main shopping malls are open until 22hs. Las Cañitas, Palermo Viejo, Palermo Hollywood, North Neighborhood and SanTelmo you also can shopping until late at night, because the shops, close near midnight. There you can buy clothes, shoes, accessories and gifts. If you like sales, go to Corrientes Avenue (from Cerrito to Callao) and May Avenue (from Bolívar to Uruguay), or if you like outlets go to Córdoba Avenue, from Scalabrini Ortiz to Godoy Cruz, there you can find many shops with good clothes.

In Retiro,North Neighborhood, Downtown and Recoleta are concentrated most famous art galleries. The most important exhibition hall are Proa Foundation, in the neighborhood of La Boca, Recoleta Cultural Center and the Palais de Glace, also headquartered of the National Hall. In Buenos Aires you also can find places to stay in contact with the nature. Just walk around town to prove it. In Buenos Aires has moreparks than in other cities. Many of them have games for children. Sarmiento Park, have the infrastructure to play soccer, basketball, volleyball, softball and tennis. In addition, swimming pools, parking lots and places to do barbecues.



The discos or bars with dance floors open at midnight and close between 6 and 7 am. One important tip is that everything starts...
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