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A brief story of the brand
• In 1952 Nathan Swartz, a shoe stitcher by trade, bought half-interest in the Abington Shoe Company of Abington, Massachusetts, a firm that had been incorporated in 1933. Within three years, Nathan acquired the remaining interest in the company. For the next decade, father and sons produced and sold handmade footwear to discount outlets and stores that put house labels on them. The Swartz family developed the Timberland brand name in 1973 and created its first guaranteed waterproof boot under the Timberland name. In 1978 the Swartz family changed the name of the company to The Timberland Company. • Although Timberland became a household name through a fluke of fashion, the company's outdoor footwear and accessories also became synonymous with quality, dependability, and a return to nature. Along the way, the company also became well-known for its commitment to community service. • The brand name comes from the composition of two words: Timber which means wood (lumberjacks yell TIMBER when the tree is loose and will fall) and Land means land.

Brand Essence
• Timberland is committed to "Doing Well and Doing Good" by delivering worldclass products, making a difference in the world community and creating value for shareholders, employees and consumers around the world.

Our image of the brand
• Our image of Timberland is that it's a brand that makes a difference in the world, makes it better. Timberland is a sustainable brand. Values humanity, humility, integrity and excellence. We think beyond these values , Timberland is synonymous of nature and ecology. They have environmental concerns and are innovative in their products. • Timberland engages citizens, employees, and consumers through community service that always been a priority for them.

How Timberland creates and maintains loyalty
• • • Timberland creates and maintains loyalty in consumers because they are a brand that


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