Borley rectory

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Borley Rectory was a Victorian era mansion located in the village of Borley, Essex, England. It was constructed in 1863 and become known as the most haunted house in England.
Harry Price, the mostfamous ghost hunter of his day, heard in 1929, about strange noises, ghosts, the apparition of a nun wandering through the garden, and other things.
It was said that a monk and a nun trying to escapeto marry. The two died. But Price found this story too stupid to be true.

Over time, other people lived in the house, but the paranormal remained the same.

In 1937, Price leased the house for ayear to study it. But he was mocked of his research techniques, and journalists even suggested that he invented some phenomena.

But in the end, the hunter found evidence of a past tragedy thatseemed to explain the hauntings.

This happened when the Rev. Lionel Foyster and his wife Marianne moved in in October 1930. The beats within the walls became stronger, furniture was overturned anddoors appeared to lock themselves. It started a violence directed against Marianne, she was thrown from her bed, struck several times with a heavy hand invisible and forced to dodge heavy objects whichflew up to her night and day.
Five years after the Foyster had moved, said at least one of the spirits that haunted Borley found at the pastor's wife a sympathetic soul.
With the use of theplanchette - instrument equipped with a pencil that moves and supposedly guided by spirits - a supposed spirit who identified herself as Marie Lairre related that he had been a nun in seventeenth-centuryFrance, but left everything behind to marry Henry Waldegrave, whose house was the mansion Borley.
The figure of the nun and the written messages could now be interpreted as evidence that the woman hadbeen buried in unconsecrated ground, and was thus condemned to wander in search of peace.
In March 1938, five months after Marie Lairre's introduction, it appears that another spirit manifested...
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