Bitch please

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A - 1st; 2nd; 3rd Conditional - Re-write as indicated below. The first one is already done as an example.
1. We rejected the offer because they didn't clarify their position.
If they had clarified their position, we wouldn’t have rejected the offer.
2. I don't sell my car because they don't pay much money for it.
If they paid more money for my car ____________________________________
3. I'm sure you didn't leave your watch in my house, because I didn't find it.
If you had left your watch in my house, _______________________________
5. Be careful, or you'll get hurt.
You'll get hurt, if you ________________________________________________
6. She didn't give me the ring , because she didn't find it.
If she had found the ring, ______________________________________________
7. You don't feel better because you don't take much exercise.
If you took more exercise, ______________________________________________
8. She didn't apply for the job, because she didn't know about it.
If she had known about it, she ______________________________________
9. You must write the test carefully, not to repeat it all again.
If you write _________________________________________________________.
10. Hurry up or you'll miss the train.
You'll miss the train, if __________________________________________________
11. John doesn't drive carefully. He has had too many accidents.
If John drove _______________________________________________________ .
12. The weather isn't fine. We can't go to the beach.
If the weather was ___________________________________________________.
13. You didn't go to the party. I didn't dance with you.
If you had gone _____________________________________________________.
14. You don't spend your holiday in Spain. You don't learn how to dance the flamenco.
If you spent ________________________________________________________.
15. She didn't take my advice. She didn't feel happy .
She would have felt


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